From June 24, 2013

If we take a private lesson or a workshop and feel really great because we got something out of it, that’s a good sign. 

But suppose we take a private lesson or workshop… and come to the horrible realization that we don’t know a fraction of what we thought we knew. We once considered ourselves experienced dancers, but now wonder if we’ve even been walking correctly this whole time. Leaving the studio in a mild state of shock, we feel as though our egos have been flattened by a cement truck. We’re not sure if we want to show our faces at a milonga ever again, and then we scramble to delete all previous videos of us dancing that we once proudly uploaded to Youtube or Facebook. If we leave a lesson or workshop feeling like that, it’s even better.

A better learning experience isn’t always a fun one. In fact, it’s often painful. But if we cut through the fog of pride and ego for the sake of doing things right, the long-term payoff will be huge.


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