From July 12, 2013

Our dancing, if you use your imagination, is a little bit like running an ice cream shop. We can’t dance the same way (offer just one flavor) with everyone. For every tanda, we have to get a sense for our partner’s skill and adapt to the way he/she moves.

Doing a bunch of ganchos and volcadas with someone you know is fine. But throwing those steps around with either a novice or stranger isn’t going to feel so good. That’s like going to the ice cream shop, ordering vanilla, and having the guy working there jump over the counter and cram a scooper-full of butter pecan down your throat because he thinks it’s a better choice.

Customize your dancing to every partner’s comfort level instead of doing the same set of steps with everyone. You’re likely to be remembered for your level of consideration rather than your level of dance.


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