From September 26, 2013

How did the Greek scholar Archimedes crack the scientific problem of determining an irregular object’s volume? He didn’t do it through countless hours in a laborabory, analyzing data, or by consulting with experts in the field.  

As the story goes, he came across it while taking a bath, when he happened to notice the water level in the tub rise as he started sitting in it. From there, he figured out that the volume of water being displaced was equal to the volume of the corresponding body part being submerged.

In other words, a major scientific discovery was made when the scientist happened to be taking a break.


We love tango, and we work hard to improve our technique and the steps we’re struggling to learn. And more often than not, the only time we think to relax is when our legs and feet get too sore. But physical rest alone isn’t enough when we’ve been dancing for hours on end, night after night. 

We also need mental rest. Being too close to the dance, spending too much time with it, hinders improvement. Trying to improve your tango with a burnt-out brain is about as smart as dancing while drunk.

So step off the dance floor every once in a while. Have a nice bath. When you take the time to stop looking for answers, you give the answers time to come looking for you


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