From June 21, 2013

You suddenly realize that nothing’s working. You’re not feeling sick or suffering from vertigo. Yet, on this particular day, your dancing abilities at the milonga or class are off.
Way off. You feel about as graceful as a cow on roller skates and you feel like your partner will lose patience at any moment. Even some of the basic stuff that you thought was second nature by now requires every ounce of concentration to get right.

It’s embarrassing, and maybe even a little scary.

Before you consider crying, jumping out the window, quitting, doubting your sanity, or any combination thereof, realize that we all have moments when our dancing is off. Sometimes there’s a logical reason for it (stressful day, fatigue, hunger, public drunkenness, etc), but on many occasions there simply isn’t. It happens to everyone, and it’s nothing to be alarmed about.

Like a bad mood, it’ll pass and your dancing will be back to normal the next time. No alcohol necessary.

Okay, maybe a little.


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