From June 17, 2013

Most of us wouldn’t behave at the office the same way we would at a rock concert. If you do, you must either be a terrible employee or have an awesome job (or both). Along those same lines, I’m also sure there are things in your past that you wouldn’t dream of bringing up during a job interview, or first date.

In other words, it’s no surprise that we present only certain sides of ourselves given the specific circumstances or environment we’re in.

In tango, however, all sides of your personality are out in the open – there’s no concealing them. If your partner’s paying attention, he/she can get a sense of who you are in a way that verbal communication cannot easily reveal. Your Facebook profiles, resumés, CVs, recommendation letters, or Pinterest accounts are there to put forth the best “image” of you, and to filter out the bits that you don’t want publicized.

While in close embrace, you’re not in control of how others perceive you.

There’s no pretending. Sounds scary, right?

But in terms of tango, this is what freedom feels like.
And you’ll never experience freedom quite like this anywhere else. This is why so many people, including myself, find tango so appealing.

It’s not a “comfort zone” where you go to hide. It’s where you go when you’re tired of hiding.



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