From June 26, 2013

Not everybody is going to enjoy the same movies that you love. When I was a kid, just about everyone I knew RAVED about the movie E.T: the Extra Terrestrial. My friends at school, their parents, my teachers, and even random people at the mall told me how great it was and that I absolutely had to see it. So, I did.

I hated it. 

And so did my brother and mom (I think it was the only time in our lives when we actually agreed on anything). 

As I got older, I sat through it a few more times just to give it a chance…and I still don’t like it (even after seeing the deleted scene of Harrison Ford’s cameo). Nothing personal against Steven Spielberg, and I even respect the movie for what it is. But personally, it just doesn’t do it for me. If you loved the movie, that’s cool. I have no beef with that.

Now think of your own dancing. Your personality, body type, and preference for certain steps are all major factors that shape the way you dance. And the more experienced you become, the more you might find yourself developing a unique “signature” in your dancing.

And like a widely released film, you’ll find that not everyone will enjoy your dancing style. It can be hard not to take personally, but it’s a possible sign that you’re growing as a dancer (so long as the vast majority of people don’t hate dancing with you). 

Although it’s noble to try, you can’t please everyone, right? 

And neither can your partner, whoever he/she happens to be during the current tanda. It should be no surprise that everyone dances a little differently. You’ll connect with some right away, and some will take a few tangos to get used to. 

Pay attention to your differences – sometimes they’ll only be minor, sometimes amusing, and other times they’ll be interesting. And who knows? You might just learn something useful. And of course, there will be those few dancers that you’ll want to avoid, like E.T (seriously, you people liked that movie?)



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