At a milonga, it’s very bad etiquette to teach or show your partner how to do steps. Yet, milongas are just as valuable as classes and prácticas when it comes to learning. 

As you probably noticed, tango music is passionate. It calls for us to be emotionally connected to what we’re hearing. 

Don’t think you’re an emotional person? Really? Remember the way you reacted the last time you got a terrible haircut, got stood up, or saw a ref make a bad call against your favorite team? Yeah, that’s what I thought.   

So now that we’ve established that you’re emotional, let the experience of dancing at a milonga be more emotional than academic. Stop counting beats, stop reciting too much technique in your head, and let go. 

Classes and prácticas are opportunities to learn from mistakes. Milongas serve as opportunities to learn by accident.


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