Most of us would go tango dancing all the time if we could. But things like sleep, the need to eat, going to work work, school, etc can sometimes make that difficult (if not, impossible). Also, many of us don’t live in major cities where milongas, practicas, and/or classes are available every day of the week.

So are we forced to sit and wait for the next tango class or event? Sitting there doesn’t do much to improve our skills.

Is the floor of the break room good enough to pivot on? Is it good enough for a few minutes of practicing ochos? If you have access to a folding chair, maybe you can step around it a few times to hone your molinete technique. Or maybe there’s a long, quiet hallway in your building where you can fine tune your walking.

It might not feel like much at first, but a little tango every day has a way of adding up.


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