Doing certain figures exactly the way our tango teachers taught us will work. But is it the best way for you? Maybe, maybe not.

As a teacher, I love it when students ask questions. It leaves no doubt that they’re thinking. But I also love it when students question, and therefore think, “physically” – that is, when they experiment on their own at a práctica, testing out what they’ve learned.

It’s important to listen to your instructors, but also important to understand that there may be multiple ways of doing the same step(s). And it’s ok if you find that you prefer your way to the one your instructor introduced in class.

But you may also discover exactly why your instructor teaches the way he/she does, and that their method might be easiest after all.

You won’t know for sure until you try. So get yourselves to a práctica; the best question/answer time in Argentine Tango is spent on the dance floor.


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