At a zoo, you’re not supposed to feed the animals.
At the movies, you’re not supposed to talk on your cell phone.
On an airplane, you don’t smoke in the lavatory.
If you come across a stuntman, you don’t try their tricks at home.
If you’re a Ghostbuster, don’t cross the streams.

And if you’re at a milonga, DON’T CORRECT YOUR PARTNER.


The milonga is a place of fun and relaxation. It’s not a class, nor is it a práctica with fancier lighting. Correcting your partner is rude and annoying. And regardless of how much you think you’re being helpful, the truth is YOU’RE NOT. And the more you talk, the more you establish a reputation for being the kind of person other dancers warn newcomers about.

So take a break from having to be right all the time. No one makes the effort to get all dressed up hoping to hear a lecture about what they’re doing wrong.


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