When beginners are encouraged and/or invited to milongas and practicas, many hesitate by saying: “I’ll go when I feel ready.”

This is understandable and seems to make sense. Why not take more classes before we “feel ready” enough to try out what we learned in an actual social setting?

But when, exactly, will we “feel ready” to go?

The truth is, if we wait until we “feel ready”, we’ll be waiting forever. No amount of classes or youtube videos will erase that “butterflies in the stomach” sensation when we ask (or are asked) to dance for the first time.

However, the image we conjure up in our heads of first-time tango dancing is a lot scarier than the reality of actually doing it. Yes, your first tango probably isn’t going to be stellar and it’ll take lots of time and practice before you become proficient. Talk to any seasoned dancer and they’ll likely tell you how scared they were the first few times they went dancing.

So take a deep breath and head out to your first milonga. Just because you don’t feel ready doesn’t mean you’re not.


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