We’ve all experienced that “on-the-fence feeling.” We’re sitting comfortably at home, reading a book or watching TV. We’re not against going out to this evening’s milonga, but not exactly crazy about it either. Sure, we’ve had fun at the venue before, but it’ll take some effort to get dressed up, find our dance shoes, and head outside.

 “Should I go?” we ask ourselves.

Other than the physical effort to get off the couch, there’s something else that makes us hesitate. It’s a voice that enters our heads. We don’t always recognize it on a conscious level, but we’ve all heard it before.

It tells us we’re not good enough. It tries comparing us to our peers, and says no one will enjoy dancing with us. Or maybe it tries convincing us that something embarrassing will happen, and that it’s safer to stay home.

“Should I go?” we ask ourselves again.

The answer: YES. GO DANCING.

Why? Because in the past, that irrational voice has ruined enough of our fun. It claims to have kept us safe, but in reality has only brought self-doubt, disappointment at lost opportunities, and at worst, misery. Not only that, we have a better chance of winning the lottery than seeing it’s dire predictions come true.

We’ve had a blast at this milonga before, and chances are, we will again. Making the effort to go helps kill that voice a little more each time. And if we stop that voice from interfering with our tango, we can prevent it from meddling with other parts of our lives, too.


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