Imagine being at a milonga in an unfamiliar city. Imagine the people there noticing you sitting by yourself, and going up to you to invite you to dance or chat. Imagine them introducing you to their friends, and encouraging you to dance with them as well.

Imagine them not getting annoyed or impatient every time you make a little mistake on the dance floor because hey, we’re all still learning, right? Imagine them making an effort to get to know you, and thanking you for visiting them. And after the milonga, imagine them encouraging you to visit again.

Of course, we don’t run into people like that ALL the time. But when we do, and even if it’s only a handful of people, we usually leave the milonga feeling like we had a good night.

Meeting those people in other tango communities is always great. But being like those kinds of people in our own tango community is better.



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