Stepping out onto the dance floor to tango socially can give us jitters. And regardless of our experience level, there’s a part of us that’s fearful of messing up and looking bad in such a public place.

And that’s when we sometimes forget to breathe properly.

When we’re nervous, our breaths become short. We tense up. And when we tense up, we don’t connect well with our partners. And from there, the whole tanda becomes about as pleasant as driving in rush hour traffic with the handbrake up.

While it’s perfectly natural to feel as though the whole world’s scrutinizing us while we’re dancing (more on that in a later blog post), remembering to breathe can do a lot to calm us down.

Deep breaths cause our muscles to relax, decreases blood pressure, and can slow our heart rates down to the point where we no longer look/feel like we’re about to get a root canal. And then, we’ll be able to think more clearly.

So the next time we head to the dance floor, let’s not stress ourselves out trying remember every move we know. Breathe first. Then dance.




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