We’ve all experienced at least one REALLY crowded milonga. And when that happens, in the middle of that enormous mob of tangueros, we become more concerned with avoiding collisions, not getting stepped on, and not getting elbowed or struck in the face (or anywhere else). Paying attention to the music sometimes goes out the window. We’re doing everything except having fun, because it feels like we’re in a mosh pit (only we’re wearing classier clothes).

But part of what makes a milonga interesting is the unique energy each individual couple brings. That includes us and our partners, regardless of how many other people we happen to be sharing the dance floor with. Yes, the safety of our partners and ourselves is a huge priority. But even if we only have space to do rock steps for the entire tanda, it’s worth concentrating on making those rock steps as enjoyable as possible.

Physically, it might not seem like much. But in doing so, we’re dancing, as opposed to reacting. We’re adapting, not complaining. And with that, we’re more likely to view the tangueros around us not as human wrecking balls, but as part of the enchanting, and sometimes challenging, tango atmosphere we came to be a part of.



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