If we were to drop an ugly stone near a river, nothing would appear to happen at first. But after years of exposure to the running water, its hard edges will become smooth and rounded. And eventually, a number of beautiful, intricate patterns will form on its surface.

When we first learn how to tango, the simple act of trying to walk in a straight line feels clunky and awkward. Although it might seem more fun to learn fancier figures, we can never spend too much time refining that basic walk.

Like the chunk of stone that gets smoothed out and beautifully formed by water over centuries, gradually improving la caminada chips away at bad habits. Fundamentals become more solid, our movements become smoother, and over time, we develop more finely detailed muscle control (which allow us to better understand and execute the fancier figures).

But unlike the stone near the river, the good news for us is that improving our walk will only take thousands of hours instead of thousands of years.

river stones, water 151860


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