Take a moment to visualize the Grand Canyon. Even though it seems perfectly still to the naked eye, anyone with a basic knowledge of science knows that it’s in a constant state of gradual change. The Colorado River, weathering, and other geological factors will continue to carve and sculpt that region forever. Who knows what it’ll look like in a million years?

In our tango communities, people come and go. Venues change. Some close down, new ones open. Lesson days shift. Technological advancements, cultural changes, and sometimes even world events will have an impact, too.

It’s not a good idea to always be wishing things could be the way they were several years ago. And we also can’t get too comfortable with the way things are because who knows what will happen in the future?

When we experience big changes, fear and apprehension shouldn’t be our first reaction. Like the Grand Canyon and everything else in life, our tango communities will evolve over time. In a never-ending state of flux, they are living, breathing, works of art from which something exciting is bound to emerge.



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