With respect to music, the size of the dance floor, location, lighting, people, and dozens of other factors, we all have a vision of the “perfect” milonga venue. What do we look for? High ceilings? Big floor? Visually stunning architecture? A mechanical bull to ride between tandas?

Our favorite venues undoubtedly have some of the qualities we seek in the ideal one (except maybe the mechanical bull – I’d love to see one of those at a milonga).

But as far as the perfect venue goes – that only exists in our heads.

It’s wrong to think that our favorite venues, here in the real world, are simply a compromise, or “the best we can do” given our circumstances. That’s because in our heads, we’re in total control. And we feel sure that achieving the image in our mind’s eye will make us happy. But if we stepped back to see if that image could hold up to scrutiny, we’d probably be disappointed.

At our favorite venues, the people, music, and other elements in the setting come together in ways we don’t foresee. In other words, it’s the factors largely out of our control that end up delighting us. And it’s always nicer to experience that in reality instead of in our heads.

el torito


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