Some experienced tango dancers learned (and swear by) a more “traditional” or “classical” style marked with precision, discipline, and a greater emphasis on technique.

Other advanced dancers, however, make a point of rebelling against the above style. They strive to be “unconventional,” wanting to do things “their own way.”

So who should we emulate? Should we favor one style over the other? Should we embrace both? It’s a question that sparks lively discussion.

Or does it even matter? After all, what we might consider “traditional” or “old fashioned” was probably revolutionary at one point. And what appears to be “edgy” or “rebellious” may have already been tried even way back during the Golden Age of tango.

The beauty of it all is that we have the freedom to approach tango in a way that suits our individual personalities. We can become accomplished dancers, no matter how “traditional” or “rebellious” we claim to be. In the end, perhaps it is the dancer, and not the style, that matters.



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