We all do this at some point. Here’s a partial list of what we hear (or scream) inside our heads while at a milonga:

– What if people are looking at me?

– What if they see all my mistakes?

– What if they think I’m an awful dancer?

– Am I doing something that looks bad?

– How many people here are better (or worse) than I am?

– Should I have worn a different outfit?

– Does my partner secretly hate me?

The list goes on.

There’s no getting around being nervous at a milonga every now and then, especially if we’re new to tango. But focusing too much on fears that have nothing to do with reality will have a far more negative effect on our dancing than mistakes ever will.

Mental multitasking is for other occasions. For now, let your brain focus on the enjoyment of your own dancing. And isn’t that the whole point of being at a milonga in the first place?

irrational fear149



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