Whether you’re thinking of going to your first milonga, tango festival, or exploring a new venue, we often hold back until we feel “100% ready.” I know I touched on this topic a little last year, but it’s worth mentioning again.

The truth is, we’ll never feel “100% ready” for anything of great importance, regardless of whether of not it’s tango related. An obstacle, either real or imagined, will always stand in our way: Feeling tired, feeling sore, having a headache, feeling sick, being stressed out about something else, having doubts, etc.

Now consider these colorful examples:

Isaac Newton, Leo Tolstoy, and Abraham Lincoln all suffered from depression. Also afflicted by depression: Actor Harrison Ford, singer Sheryl Crow, author J.K. Rowling, and astronaut Buzz Aldrin. James Earl Jones struggled with stuttering (can you believe that?), as did Emmy Award-winning journalist John Stossel. Pro surfer Bethany Hamilton continued winning championship competitions in her sport…even after having her left arm bitten off by a shark.

If anyone had obstacles preventing them from feeling “100% ready,” they sure did. Now I’m guessing that mustering the courage to take part in the tango experience is not as extreme as overcoming a debilitating condition.

Then what excuse do we have?

So go to that milonga, festival, different venue, or try out that new idea. Accomplish something meaningful for yourself or others because you can, and not because you feel “100% ready.”

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