You have a plan to start a tango community, or to add something new to enhance the one you’re already part of. Maybe it’ll work, or maybe it won’t.

But you’re ready to dive in.

Inevitably, however, doubt will creep its way into your head. Here’s a partial list
of irrational reasons why you think no one will take you seriously:

– I’m too young
– I’m too old
– I don’t have enough knowledge
– I don’t have the respect of the established community
– I’m a woman, therefore everyone must assume [fill in the blank] about me
– I’m a man, therefore everyone must assume [fill in the blank] about me
– It’s too much work
– It’s never going to be as good or big as the community in [name of prominent city]
– They’re all going to laugh at me

There will always be resistance/opposition to your ideas, which has been happening ever since tango communities existed. That resistance may exist only in your head, or it could very well be coming from actual people.

Don’t waste time and energy either debating or trying to win over those will never see things your way. They probably won’t come around, even if you do succeed. Instead, make an effort to reach out to those who DO believe in your ideas. Inspire a new and different crowd. You don’t need anyone’s permission to do that.

And the voice in your head that’s convincing you that you’ll fail? It’s about as reliable as a Magic 8-Ball wielded by a low-rent fortune teller on crack.

So get started. Regardless of what happens, you will get something out of it. And the experience, for better or worse, will be worth it. People are always looking for someone else to take the first big step.

Why not you?



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