Followers: We know you want to keep your tango going smoothly. We know you want to be friendly, to have fun, and to establish a reputation as a good dance partner.

But sometimes, leaders aren’t always clear. Big surprise, I know.

And if the leader isn’t being clear, trying to guess what he wants to do will probably end up making the situation worse. The same goes for following through with a step that’s not led correctly, even if you know exactly what the guy wants to do.

There’s certainly nothing wrong with being nice and agreeable on the dance floor, but it becomes counterproductive if it only reinforces a leader’s bad habits. And if a leader thinks he’s dancing correctly when he really isn’t, it’ll only cause problems for other followers.

Sure, some leaders will get grouchy and pouty with you for (gasp) following only when correctly led. And socially, that’ll be uncomfortable. But if you focus more on dancing correctly instead of accommodating the other person, the overgrown three year-old problematic leader will basically be left with two options: Improve (and grow up) or quit.

Either choice is a net gain for both you and your tango community.



One thought on “DON’T HELP THE LEADER

  1. As one of the aforementioned typical problematic leaders, complete with three-year old tendencies, I have to say that I also found it annoying when the followers ‘helped’ me. I knew I couldn’t learn how to lead until the women were willing to follow me into a mistake or remain immobile. If a woman ‘helped’ me too much then I stopped dancing with her….another paradox de tango:-)


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