It’s good to be inspired by other tango dancers and to look upon them as role models. They can give us a sense of structure as we work on our own dancing.

But when we say, ”I want to dance like him/her” or “I want to be him/her” while not speaking in hyperbole, we’re just setting ourselves up for frustration. As we work hard to get better, we can take every opportunity to get angry at ourselves because “we don’t look like [insert name of dancer(s) you want to emulate or are secretly jealous of here].

Or, we can find ways of taking all that we’ve learned, and set off on our own unexplored paths. The dancers we admire have something in common with us, in that we’re all unique.

It might be useful to liken our growth as tango dancers to creating a painting. Would we rather be works of original art, or forgeries?

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5 thoughts on “I WANT TO DANCE LIKE HIM/HER!

  1. True, I watch other, more experienced, more graceful dancers and I want to be them. But it is not that I want to be exactly like them, I want their grace or musicality or sheer joy in dancing a milonga. There are two people in our group that when they dance you can see the joy, supreme happiness in their faces…..I wanna be like that.


  2. So true. I have a favorite partner from Germany and living in Switzerland. She told me that a favorite dancer from Greece had such a wonderfully fresh way of dancing and so unique. He started taking lessons, and he dance “just like him”–whoever that “him” was. Yes, it was good, but he lost himself by being like someone else. Also with my wife, I try not to be the best. I cannot be the best in literature, in painting, in singing or playing an instrument better than her favorite artists. Dance is an art and we can only be ourselves, and as you said, otherwise we are a forgery.

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