How many different kinds of pizza exist in the world? Would it make sense to tell us that there’s only one “correct” type of pizza, only one acceptable way of making it, and that we should all have to accept it?

Definitely not, because that would be boring, ridiculous, and might even start a few wars.

And like the multitude of pizzas we can find, there also exist variations in tango dancing styles with respect to posture, the embrace, or any other technical element. There’s no universal style that works with everyone, all the time.

So what do we do?

Dive in, try a bunch of them, and see what happens! As tango dancers, we are also constant experimenters.

Depending on who you’re dancing with, and the height difference between you and your partner, some styles will work nicely. And when they do, it feels like we’re getting somewhere.

But sometimes we’ll try, and fail…spectacularly!

If that happens, don’t spend too much time wallowing in frustration or embarrassment. Tango is not an exact science. Every “experiment,” successful or otherwise, is more than just a learning opportunity. Each result helps bring us closer to what we like and dislike, enable us to adapt to a larger set of partners, and eventually shape our individual tango “personalities.”

beaker fire


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