Breakthroughs excite us. Tango steps or ideas that once seemed difficult to grasp now make sense, and we start feeling like better dancers. This is a good thing.

But it’s counterproductive to give breakthroughs, as they apply to tango, such a narrow definition. And worse yet, we might insist that something’s wrong if we don’t come across them very often.

If someone asks you to pinpoint the very moment when you started becoming a better tango dancer, chances are you won’t know when that was. Not because you have a bad memory, but because it didn’t happen with a single moment. It was an accumulation of moments, both positive and negative. There was effort and frustration. There were failures and successes, good dances as well as awful ones.

Instead of chasing the next breakthrough or brief euphoric moment, we ought to recognize that progress, regardless of degree, happens each time we head out onto the dance floor. Every step literally counts.

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  1. I don’t know what to say about this post, but I will say this….nothing wrong with “Brief euphoric moments.” They make us happy…They mark increments where you feel yourself getting better and better….no one ever chases them….they come when you are least expecting it and sometimes from unlikely sources….and yes, I can remember various little moments where things clicked. I wouldn’t trade them for all the world.

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