In tango, trying to predict what the leader will do isn’t the same as anticipating, when the follower actively moves ahead before being invited. And although predicting may not physically disrupt the dance, it’s still a problem. Constantly guessing what the leader will do next has two likely outcomes, none of which are good.

One is that we guess wrong, which throws off our concentration and causes unnecessary anxiety. The other is that we guess right, which takes the fun and excitement out of the dance – like having our surprise party ruined.

However, it’s wrong to assume that some personality flaw lies at the core of wanting to predict steps. As followers, we want to be prepared and we want to do our part to ensure a great dance experience. That’s a good thing. But let go and enjoy the dance as it unfolds. Rely on your training, no matter how much or little you’ve had.

Stopping the prediction bug starts with trust. Not just trusting the leaders to be clear, but trust in ourselves that we’re prepared for whatever step is next…even if we don’t know what it is.

8-ball funny


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