Consistent practice is necessary for building up our tango skills. But going to classes, practicas, and/or regular events is more than just an investment in our personal learning.
Our presence at these functions is necessary to the community.

How? While surrounded by scores of fellow tango dancers, we often feel anonymous or even lost.

But we’re not just faces in the crowd. It’s important to know this, especially if you’re new. Your individual presence does have an effect on building the community, because without you, a tango scene will be in big trouble. So if you’re a tango novice, keep showing up!

If we’re regulars, it’s important to acknowledge the newcomers. If we remember, it was probably someone more experienced who took a few moments to reach out and make us feel welcome the first few times we showed up to a milonga.

Don’t assume a tango scene thrives because a few “people who [seem to] know what they’re doing” are in charge. The reason there’s even a tango community to enjoy in the first place, is because you decided to show up.

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One thought on “KEEP SHOWING UP

  1. I agree, but it gets somewhat disheartening when no one asks you to dance. Call is ageism, height-ism, being a novice, whatever, no fun to show up when you don’t get a tanda. I’ve been told that I can be intimidating because I am tall and confident, but to me that is ridiculous and nothing I can change even if I wanted to change.

    If it is an attitude, I go and try to keep positive, but usually end up leaving defeated. Which really hurts cause I love to tango.


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