If we’re still in the early stages of learning tango, retaking a beginner class can be a big help. For one thing, we’re likely to pick up on material or technique tips we missed the first time. Also, familiar information will make more sense the second time around, since our brains absorb information more reliably after repeated exposure.

And if we’re more seasoned dancers, we’ll have the chance to help novices. They’ll appreciate our experience and support, which presents opportunities to build a closer-knit community.

But when we help others with the fundamentals, we also gauge the depth of our own understanding. Does it all make more sense now? Did we really grasp the material way back then? Or have we gotten lazy with basic elements? And is it possible we’ve been doing something wrong this whole time?

As we hear over and over again from our instructors, practice is important. Progression is still one of our main goals, but by reviewing basics we have the chance to repair potential “cracks” in our tango foundation.

lego repair


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