It’s nothing to feel bad about when everyone we work with thinks we’re crazy for devoting so much time to tango. We love it, and it’s natural to try convincing others to love it as well.

So we pull our friends aside and list all the benefits of tango, complete with personal accounts of how it changed our lives. We assure them that anyone can do it, how fun it is, and try to sound as encouraging as we can.

But the reality is that nobody who isn’t already doing tango will love it as much as we do.

Despite our best intentions, our zealous recruitment efforts will make us seem more like pushy salespeople. On top of that, convincing other adults to take dance lessons is a tough sell.

However, everyone out there is searching for fun and happiness. Instead of talking about how tango can make them happy, it’s more effective for our friends to notice how happy it makes us. Tango recruitment stands a much better chance of going favorably when our friends bring it up in conversation.

This method may appear too passive, but in this day and age, when’s the last time a pushy, in-your-face sales pitch convinced you to buy?

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