At a tango workshop, we understand the new figure being taught, yet are barely able to keep up. Afterwards, we’re not sure if we’ve fully grasped it.

Even when we apply strategies to make our learning more efficient, sometimes practicing that new step is simply a grind. For days, weeks, or sometimes even months, we do the new figure wrong for what feels like a million times before we get it right. 

But the alternative is to scale back the effort, to just be “good enough” in order to get by. It’s far less painful, and seems like an acceptable strategy to advance.

But “good enough” reinforces lazy habits, such as pulling one’s partner around instead of leading. “Good enough” becomes a need to re-learn fundamentals, and results in a learning curve that ends up taking even longer than the grind.

The effort we take to grind through our progress, to endure the frustration happening now, pays off in the long run. It saves us not only time, but the additional pain which comes with only being “good enough.”



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