THE GRIND (Part 2): We learn more than just steps

We understand that improving our tango requires practice. Lots of it. As mentioned in a previous post, taking our dancing to a new level can be a grind, with moments of self-doubt and frustration.

So we press forward, knowing that the results we want make those difficult moments worth it. But in the midst of the grind, something interesting tends to happen. We end up learning more than just a new step. 

For instance, we might come across a sense of reaffirmation by noticing just how hard-working we are. Or, maybe we suddenly realize a tendency to get stuck in cycles of negative thought that hold back not only our dancing, but other areas of our lives.

While working on new steps, opportunities for self-reflection and self-awareness tend to pop up. They aren’t just amusing little observations. Don’t brush them aside.

Ponder them. Devote time to think them through.

Those moments are also very much a part of tango.


silhouette of a man's head with a glowing light bulb, and gears. the concept of making big idea. File is saved in AI10 EPS


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