No, I’m not encouraging us to try outrageous things or boleo ourselves in the back of the head, although that would look pretty awesome/hilarious (just let me know if you’re going to try so I can get it on camera).

I’m also not advocating that we all become obnoxious dancers who hog an acre of floor space at every milonga.

But learning fancy figures has its place. For one thing, it challenges us to improve our technique and partner communication skills. And more importantly, it reveals just how competent we are at fundamentals. Ever notice that the biggest difficulties we encounter from fancy steps is usually traced to more basic elements, such as ochos and maintaining our balance?  

You might not have the space to do all the fancy steps you finally mastered, but that’s nothing to worry about. The foundational, but more commonly utilized, abilities you improved in order to figure them out will shine as you dance the simpler steps you do have space for.

funny dancer


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