Sometimes we’ll have bad tandas. It’s not necessarily anyone’s fault; it just happens and there’s no way to predict whether or not we’ll connect with a particular partner. But don’t dwell on it for too long.

Keep dancing.

And sometimes, we’ll feel really off at a private lesson, or attend a workshop where everything goes so wrong that we start feeling discouraged. Or at a milonga, there will be nights when we really don’t feel like we’re moving well.

But keep dancing.

Yes, it’s true that the more dancing we do, the greater the likelihood we’ll have one of those amazing tandas.

But there’s more to it than that.

As long as we’re motivated to improve our tango, the simple act of showing up and dancing has big payoffs in the long run. If we’re always (or only) searching for that perfect tanda, we’ll find frequent disappointment and frustration.

So we just need to keep dancing…not with the expectation of finding the perfect dance partner, but more so with the goal of improving ourselves a little more each time. While focusing on that, we gain experience. And not only will we increase the chances of encountering that great tanda, we’ll probably be the main reason that it happens when it does.

keep dancing


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