The problem with adulthood is that our recreation often takes the form of passive entertainment, like watching TV or eating burritos (which I heartily enjoy). Either that, or we take vacations that are too sporadic to be of any lasting benefit.

Becoming a “boring grown-up” really is no fun.

To counter this problem, we have the choice of many stimulating activities. But because this a tango-centric blog, I’m sure you know what I’m going to recommend.

As a recreational activity that’s physically healthy, tango also provides the benefit of play. That’s right. Playing. And it isn’t just for kids – adults need it too. Do a Google search and you’ll find plenty of studies that make that claim. And because it’s on Google it must be true, right?

But seriously…

The tango environment is unstructured enough to require creativity, there’s social interaction, and there’s enough mental stimulation that has long term benefits for the brain.

Play isn’t just for fun – your health might depend on it. And one great thing about tango is that it’s okay if we never outgrow it.



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