Remember that really good dance you had? Were you dancing with someone you know, or a stranger? Where and when did it happen? Which outfit did you choose to wear? What were you doing earlier that day?

Where exactly on the dance floor did you start the tanda? Where were you when it ended? Were you surprised at how well the dance turned out, or did it go the way you expected?

Which songs do you like? You don’t have to know the composer, orchestra, or even the titles. You just know them when you hear them.

You love some songs, and maybe you hate other ones. What emotions or pictures in your head do they stir up?

Hundreds of small details shape your tango experiences. They influence your growth and form memories, both good and bad. They are unique, private moments that you carry. Taking time to meditate on them, you’ll find that they are often meaningful. You’ll want to share them, but these experiences can only be discerned through your eyes.

Only you will understand them.

We all have a personal tango story. Don’t hide yours – it belongs in the dance. Bring it to the next milonga.  



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