Not to disrespect other dances, but if you’re interested in learning how to dance, Argentine Tango should be one of your top choices. Not that I’m biased or anything. In addition to all the mental/physical health benefits, here are 4 other good reasons why you should take up tango:

You don’t have to be flashy…EVER: It takes courage to dance. And it’s natural for most of us to feel self-conscious. With tango, if you’re not into flamboyant body gestures, you don’t have to do them. Choosing not to be flashy doesn’t mean you’re boring or disagreeable. It’s quite the opposite, as most experienced dancers will tell you. Doing nothing but basic steps all night is perfectly acceptable, regardless of your level.

Tailored to your brain: Are you strictly a pragmatist, or is your thinking process more abstract? Do you prefer structure, or are you creative? Are you the type who likes to plan, or are you more spontaneous? Whether you approach tango from an artistic or technical perspective, the dance will intrigue you no matter how your brain is wired. You don’t have to be a certain “type” in order to be good at tango.

Tailored to your body: Since there are so many steps to learn, you’ll find that on various occasions, your body type – no matter what it is – will give you an advantage.

You’re allowed to be you: If you’re an extravert, you’ll appreciate the social aspect of tango: being around other fun tango aficionados, and getting to meet lots of new people. By contrast, if you’re an introvert, tango gives you a chance to tune out all the background noise, and connect one-on-one with someone. Loud or quiet, the dance suits your personality as is.

To the unfamiliar, Argentine Tango has a reputation for being exotic, difficult, and inaccessible. But in reality, learning it is like meeting someone from a foreign country…and then finding out that they grew up watching the same cartoons as you, listen to the same bands, and eat the same kind of breakfast foods as you do. What’s there to be afraid of?

Thanks for reading!

And for those of you in the Madison, WI area, if you’ve been taking tango with me and have friends who might be interested in starting, you can take advantage of my referral discount here.



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