Think about the tango venues you regularly frequent. How many days, weeks, months, or years have you been dancing there?

What was your impression of the place when you danced there for the first time? Did you enjoy yourself, or were you nervous? How many milongas did it take before it grew on you?

How many people did you meet and become friends with? How many have come and gone? How many are still around?

What were some hilarious incidents that took place there? How about some embarrassing ones? Do you think you’ll still be going there a year from now?

Tango venues take on a life of their own, and we connect with them almost as closely as we do with other dancers. Let’s get to know these venues, appreciate them, and acknowledge all their flaws and fine points.

Of all the things to reflect on in life, you might be surprised at the number of fond memories in your head that involve a dance floor.



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