Are we methodical, disciplined people who prefer to plan ahead? If so, those qualities will get us far while learning tango, as well as other areas of life. But as we continue on with tango beyond the beginner level, those very same strengths can hold us back.

Think about artists who paint. The vast majority of them don’t work on their projects using just one single brush. They use a whole set of them.

Like painters with their brushes, we can’t move our tango forward using just one mental strategy. We also need a whole set.

For those of us who are disciplined and like to plan, figuring out how to embrace spontaneity (as either a leader or follower) will help move our dancing forward. As another example, if we’re strong, physical dancers, we’ll definitely have advantages. But at some point, we’ll need to know how to apply finesse and grace.

Once we hit plateaus in our learning, we shouldn’t abandon the learning strategies we started with. But we will need to acquire new and different ones. They are tools, and it’s always a good idea to have a variety to choose from.



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