It’s no mystery to us that tango can have a huge, positive impact on our moods. For example, on a particularly stressful day or while in the midst of a tension headache, a few hours of dancing brings much needed relief.

But tango isn’t just a mood booster, nor is it a temporary escape from our troubles. And it’s not a mere indulgence, like a bowl of ice cream or a cold beer (or shot of tequila). Somehow, with tango dancing – which starts with coordination of mind and body – we recognize something deeper.

In life, we apply hard work and effort to power through challenges or fulfill ambitions. But no matter how much we accomplish, we still need to make time for basic sustenance such as food and rest. I’d argue that tango fulfills similar vital needs, but those that are less obvious.

One is perhaps a form of human contact that enables us to connect with each other in ways that words can’t. Another is a sense of clarity, an important reminder that our days are meant to be enjoyed. Tango might not provide clear answers to all of life’s questions, but it does show us how the right answers are supposed to feel.

dog and snowman


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