It’s often said that tango isn’t merely a genre of dance. Rather, it’s a feeling that is danced. And as seen by the general public, tango is passionate, sexy, flamboyant, and highly expressive.

Although true, this perception tells only half the story. To dance tango well, passion and emotion are definitely needed. But everything aesthetically pleasing about tango – all that passion – is strategically balanced with discipline.

Unbridled emotion and total self-control are a tango dancer’s tools. And like every tool, we can’t just rely on one for every situation. Too much passion creates a disorderly, messy experience. And too much control is the dance equivalent of driving a nice car without releasing the parking brake.

It’s not enough to learn how to dance well with our partners. We must also master the inner tango of knowing when to let the fire burn, and when to contain it.

water fire


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