What’s the right way to tango? That’s like asking, “what’s the right way to make art?”

There isn’t one universal right answer. Rather, there are many right answers – or many truths. Answers that work for some people aren’t guaranteed to be clear to us. And vice-versa.

As it is with occasional tango partners, we’re not going to connect with every tango expert out there either. But go easy on them – in a subject as vast as tango, even the experts are still learning.

And when we don’t understand tango experts, we should go easy on ourselves too. If someone’s guidance isn’t helpful, let’s not automatically question our abilities as students. Instead, it’s an opportunity to understand our individual learning styles. The more we understand the teaching methods that resonate with us (and those that don’t), the better chance we’ll have of identifying the right experts for our needs.



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