“Just a few more lessons (or workshops), then I’ll be ready to go to a milonga.”

It’s understandable to feel that way. But it’s also a form of hiding.

The discomfort at the thought of dancing socially in public for the first time won’t go away, no matter how much we practice or take lessons. That’s not pessimism, because the discomfort has nothing to do with our actual competence as dancers.

In addition to being fun, social dancing shows us that putting ourselves out there, despite the discomfort, helps us grow. It’s like being lost without a map. Either with a little help, by our own wits, or a bit of both, we find our way. And in the process, we learn a lot about our character. 

And in just about every case, we’ll figure out that joining in with the other dancers isn’t as scary as we imagined.

There’s no need to hide, because there’s nothing bad to hide from.


#tangoblog, #stophiding


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