We’ve started tango, and although it’s challenging, we feel ourselves making progress. Everything’s going great, we‘re having fun…

…and then we start struggling. Either because of a new step or some aspect of technique, we encounter a frustrating slump.

When this happens, our brains do something mean by making us notice all the other dancers who are further along than we are. We start feeling bad about ourselves, and maybe even a little depressed. It’s pretty terrible to have our reality distorted. But believe me, this happens to everyone regardless of experience level. We’ll all reach a point where we question if tango is really “our thing.”

But what happens if we press on? What happens if we don’t rationalize all the excuses to stop moving forward? And what happens if we don’t bother convincing ourselves that tango might not be “our thing?”

What happens if we choose to see the slump as just a temporary situation – like a bad mood – and not an indictment of our overall abilities or character?

It’s true that some good dancers are naturally talented. But talent can only take a person so far, and none of the great tango dancers we admire possess any super powers. Nor are they more special than the rest of us. The main reason they’re so good is because when they reached the same point where most people quit, they just chose to keep going.

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