Tango isn’t just a leisure activity, or something we do in our spare time. It’s something we actively make time for.

It presents goals, then challenges us to realize them. We learn about how to deal with mental, rather than physical obstacles. The lessons are about ourselves just as much as they are about learning the figures. At times they can be harsh, and sometimes encouraging. Either way, we grow.

Tango allows us to reveal who we really are. Regardless of whether or not we have a loud or quiet personality, the dance will suit us. There’s no regimented sequence of steps that we have to memorize. It is constructive and improvisational; every dance is an opportunity to create something that never existed before.

Regularly attending lessons and events is more than just a way to spend an evening. It becomes part of who we are.

It becomes a lifestyle.


#tangoblog #argentinetango


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