It’s tough being an intermediate level tango dancer. We’re past the excitement of the beginning classes, and becoming more aware of all the things we need to work on. And there’s a lot, isn’t there?

We’ve made it far enough to know that we really enjoy tango. But we still have a long way  to go before we consider ourselves advanced dancers. And it never feels as though we’re progressing fast enough!

It’s an uncomfortable stage to be in. And we’re afraid we might be stuck here forever.

Luckily, there’s nothing wrong with us for feeling this way. About 55 – 60% of the way through any worthy undertaking, such as a workout, a long run, a school year, a big project, etc, there comes a point when we question what we’re doing. Sometimes it’s because we feel the pain. On other occasions, we wonder if we’re really getting anywhere. And at times, the discomfort is a mild (or serious) sense of despair.

We’ve come too far to turn back, yet the goal still feels so far out of reach.

It’s not a bad sign. And we’re not in trouble. At this stage, it’s more important than ever to keep pressing ahead. We most definitely are not stuck, and we’re at a point where quitting would take more effort than succeeding.

Keep dancing. There will be a tipping point. What we’re enduring is the pain and fear that scares away most people. But on the other side of it is accomplishment, and the assurance that it was worth it.

panda stuck

#argentinetango #dance #stuck


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