TANGO IS NOT RELAXING (and why that’s a good thing)

I’d argue that tango isn’t meant to be relaxing. If we become distracted and our minds wander, or if we loosen our muscles too much, the dance stops working.

Tango requires a constant state of readiness. Certain muscles always have to be engaged in order to maintain our posture and connection with partners. For many of us, I’m willing to bet we’re just as – if not more – physically and mentally alert during tango than we are while at our jobs.

But just because tango isn’t relaxing doesn’t mean it’s not a positive way to spend our leisure time. It certainly is. Think of tango as a form of active enjoyment. While dancing, the same energy we use to fulfill other obligations during the day is directed towards something creative and fun. We’re expending brainpower on an activity that relieves stress instead of creating it.

After a good tanda, ever notice how we feel a sense of accomplishment, or that we’ve done something productive? Maybe because we have.

So have fun not relaxing at the next milonga, because that’s a big reason why you’re there.


#argentinetango #activeenjoyment


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