We’ve been trying out a new figure for a while. During class and practicas, we work at it. For the most part, it’s coming together. And we think we’re finally ready to try it out at a milonga!

However, it’s very easy to overthink new figures, and a part of our brains will try to sabotage our efforts. How? By trying to consciously work out the dozens of details that go into the move. This is impossible, and when this becomes the reason for messing up, we get discouraged. At best, this approach produces tentative and hesitant dancing. And that never feels good. Trying to consciously execute every nuance of a step is simply a lost cause.

Instead, we should focus on a few elements, trust muscle memory to work out the rest, then go for it with full confidence. Even if we don’t feel 100% ready, creating the appearance of confidence will help a great deal in the long run. Any errors we make will reveal themselves pretty clearly, so we’ll know what to improve on.

Going all in might not always feel smart. But it gives us the best chance of doing the step right, and helps advance our dancing more efficiently.


#argentinetango #allin


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