It’s easy to see that tango is passionate. But the image that tango creates doesn’t originate from the physical movements or choreography. It starts from the mind of the dancer.

Passion is to tango what aggression is to football or boxing. Too much or too little causes problems. It must be unleashed judiciously.  

Here are 3 helpful ways to do that:

Keep the love in perspective: Yes, we love tango! That’s no surprise. We take it seriously, and want to be great at it. We put forth our best effort every time we’re on the dance floor. But let’s not conflate the love of tango with our overall sense of self-worth. If we do, our emotional state will be at the mercy of every step (or misstep). Who needs that kind of pressure?

We’ve all been embarrassed, or even crushed, by a bad tanda. But after a little while, we have to figure out how to let bad feelings go. One way to maintain perspective is to reconnect with the spark that motivated us in the first place.

Another is reminding ourselves of the mere fact that dancing tango, regardless of our current level, means we’re actively participating in something. Even if we’re not having a great night, we’re engaged in something far more meaningful than sitting on the sidelines of life, watching characters on TV enjoy an existence we wish we had.

Dive right in…regardless of whether or not we feel “ready.” This is for those of us who need to let loose a little, to let that spark take hold. If we’re starting tango, or stepping up our dancing, chances are we won’t feel ready. But if we wait for some magical moment of readiness (which doesn’t come very often, if at all), we’re just guaranteed to miss out. Maybe we started tango because we’re passionate to begin with. Or maybe tango is the gateway to the passion we’re seeking. We won’t know for sure unless we show up to dance.

It’s all about you…and them: It feels good to be caught up in the energy of the dance. Any tango fan will tell you about how much they love the music, or how being at a milonga makes them feel. But as we’re getting swept up in the heat of the moment, remember that we’re not supposed to keep the passion all to ourselves. We need to share it with our partners. Some will respond to a lot, others may be ready for only a little.

To dance tango well, we need to allow ourselves to be swept up in the passion. Swept up, but not lost.


#argentinetango #passion #dance


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