While working to improve our tango, it makes sense to seek motivation. We listen to our favorite songs, watch dancers we admire, check out youtube videos, have conversations with our friends, etc. Motivation is good because it gives us something to aspire to, whether it’s a particular step or some aspect of technique.

For a time, I had a habit of watching online videos of my favorite dancers. Then, youtube would provide links to new ones, which I had to click on. After that, I’d find links to yet more mesmerizing dancers! I’d play those videos over and over again, sometimes studying them, but mostly just staring in awe. Did I feel motivated? Yes! But before I knew it, over an hour and a half had gone by. That was 90 minutes I could have spent honing my own ocho technique or actually dancing!

So, not surprisingly, seeking motivation can also work against us. If we’re not careful, that feel-good rush of inspiration can quickly become procrastination, preventing us from actually doing the work of improving our skills.

There’s nothing wrong with looking for motivation, but at some point we have to take action. And all the motivation in the world won’t make that part any easier.


#argentinetango #motivation #stillhavetodothework


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